Targeted Household Distribution

What is Targeted Household Distribution?

Targeted Household distribution is a measurement scheme from ABC which enables Media owners to both verify the distribution of their properties to households as well as reporting the likelihood of those households to meet a set of targeted demographics using third party geo-demographic segmentation such as TGI, MOSAIC or Acorn.

Why might I use this type of distribution?

This type of distribution is useful if as a media owner you wish to distribute your publication to a target audience via their letterboxes.

By doing this media owners are able to identify and reach relevant audiences and create new opportunities for advertisers.

Who can sign up for Targeted Household Distribution?

Any media owner using this type of distribution can sign up for the ABC stamp of trust. 

As with other ABC schemes, a product would be registered with ABC and whilst in membership would be subject to ongoing audit and certification. Products could be publications or advertising packs.

This ABC Scheme is a cross sector initiative which means that any media owner could report this type of distribution in addition to other ABC Schemes they may be reporting under. As well as a separate certificate for Targeted Household Distribution, this information could be added to an ABC Multiplatform Report.

What is included on a Targeted Household Distribution certificate?

You can see an example certificate here.

What are the ABC standards for this product?

For more detail on the ABC standards for Targeted Household Distribution please visit our standards website to view the rulebook.

What does it cost?

The registration fee is £823, and the initial audit will be a minimum of £1,646.

For more costs please see our fee sheet.

How do I get more information?

Please read the FAQs, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01442 200839

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