Using the ABC Logo and promoting your ABC membership

The ABC name and logo is a recognised sign of trust and compliance with industry-agreed standards.   

When can I use the ABC Logo?

You can use the ABC logo in relation to a registered product after we've issued its first ABC certificate.
Newly-registered products will normally undergo an audit before receiving its first certificate. During this time you may not use the ABC Logo and we will list the product on our website as 'working towards certification'.

ABCpreferred300.pngYou can use the ABC logo for as long as you have the product audited by ABC.
You may no longer use the ABC logo if your product ceases to be ABC registered or 18 months has elapsed since period covered by your last certificate.

You can use the ABC logo only for products audited by ABC.
You may use the ABC logo to promote your ABC certified products. You must not associate the ABC logo or make claims of ABC membership in relation to other, non-certified products or services.


What can I do if I think someone is misusing the ABC logo or misrepresenting their ABC status.

Products that are no longer registered with ABC are no longer authorised to use the ABC Logo and continue to make claims of being ABC audited/ABC members.

You can check whether a product is ABC registered or not by searching for it on our website. A product will either be:

  • Registered (certified or working towards verification)
  • No longer registered (the product has been registered in the past)
  • Not listed (has never been registered)

We routinely review the publicly available material of products that have recently ceased to be ABC registered but unfortunately, we can't identify all instances.

If you believe the ABC logo or ABC status is being presented incorrectly then please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please provide a brief description and, if possible, forward a copy of the relevant material to us, for example a link, screenshot or photo.

We will acknowledge receipt and review the material provided. If we consider the use of the logo is not authorised or claims misleading we will seek to resolve this directly with the organisation in question. We do not as a matter of course identify who has brought the issue to our attention.

Whilst the majority of issues are relatively easy to resolve informally, members do have the right to make a formal complaint about another member they believe is not complying with our Reporting Standards or Byelaws. A formal complaint follows a set process, that will identify the complainant and through which upheld complaints are published on our website. This might be used for more complex issues or where the complainant feels it warrants a more formal approach.


What other ways can I promote my ABC Data?

We have a range of marketing collateral to help you promote your audited data
Adverts, Press Releases, QR codes, Graphics and more. 

You can include links on your website or media packs to your certificate or product page.
We recommend you link to your product page rather than a specific certificate as it means you do not need to update the link when new data is issued. The product page always shows your most recent data and a link to issued certificates.

Use data from your certificate in promotional material.
When quoting ABC figures in press releases, media packs and advertisements, make sure you include the latest data and are clear to which period the data relates.


Please Contact Our Compliance Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about the use of the ABC logo and ABC data.

Please visit the publicity section of our byelaws for full information about using the ABC logo and ABC data.

Why choose to have an ABC audit? 
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