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This report (January to December 2018) is a summary of Consumer Magazines that report with ABC.

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The key trading data found on the front page of an ABC certificate. 
New for this report: Total circulated copies which is the actual number of copies of a title that have been distributed by the publisher across all issues over the period of a year. The actively purchased breakout of this number represents those copies that were bought by individuals.

Takes you straight to a detailed options menu for deeper data analysis including full circulation detail by total, United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland and Other countries.

Market sector (e.g. women's lifestyle/fashion) totals. Includes combined, print and digital edition figures.

Media owner totals. Includes total circulated copies (paid for and free copies) and total circulated copies (Actively Purchased) over the period January to December 2018.

Breaks down the reporting period by month. Shows the monthly average circulation and number of issues.

Report notes:

The Economist have changed the way they report their print and digital copies which affects year on year and period on period comparisons in this report. The print copies are now reported on a single certificate covering all editions.

For comparisons however, the report uses the previously published certificates for The Economist - Worldwide Sales Group. These included digital copies, and accounts for the apparent large differences. Economist digital copies are still reported but separately on a digital publications certificate.

The Economist shows their overall combined print and digital circulation on their ABC Worldwide Brand Report.

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