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Reported Data

This section sets out other data and information that is reported on the ABC Certificate.


1. Total Average Distribution and selected normal issue Total Distribution 
  1. You must report the total Average Distribution per issue.

    1. Copies claimed in the following categories will be included in the total Average Distribution figure:

      • Free Pick Up Copies

      • Retail and Single Copy Sales, including:

        • Retail Sales (Sale or Return)

        • Retail Sales (Limited Sale or Return)

        • Single Copy Sales

      • Single Copy Subscription Sales

      • Free Requested Delivered Copies

      • Sample Free Distribution

    2. Digital Edition copies are reported separately to the print copies.

  2. You must report the Total Distribution for the selected normal issue analysed in the same categories as above.

2. Issue details, circulations 
  1. You must report the following for each:

    1. The issue identifier. For example cover date, issue number

    2. The total circulation

3. Format of Publication
  1.  You must report the format of the publication. For example tabloid/broadsheet, newspaper/magazine.

4. Target Audience
  1.  The audience is a statement of intent, which you must be able to satisfy ABC is reasonable and consistent with the claimed distribution.

5. Pagination, Editorial Content
  1. You must report the average pagination per issue for the Reporting Period (ignoring Excluded Issues). Note for the purposes of this rule:

    1. You must only include the pagination of a supplement to any issue that:

      • Includes a referral or generic banner that clearly states the association to the host.

      • Is distributed, bound in or inserted, within each copy of the issue. 

    2. You must ignore a wrap-round (‘wrap’) or centre ‘pull-out’ (inserted in the centre pages) in relation to any issue providing: 

      • The wrap/pullout consists of multiples of 4 pages.

      • The wrap/pullout is not included in the issue’s page numbering.

      • The normal publication including masthead remains intact inside the wrap.

      • Any publication branding on the wrap is consistent with the publication inside.

  2. You must report the average percentage editorial content per issue for the Reporting Period (ignoring Excluded Issues). Note for the purposes of this rule:

    1. You must include the editorial content for any issue, including or excluding supplements and wraps as defined for pagination above.

    2. You must identify the number of pages of editorial for any issue to the nearest half page and calculate the editorial content as a percentage of the pagination of that issue.

    3. You must treat as editorial content anything that is not advertising (including paid/free, in-house, advertorial/advertisement features). You are reminded that the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code) requires advertorials to be clearly labeled.



No additional guidance.



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