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Social Media

The measurement of a product’s defined Social Media metric(s).


1. Prior notification of Social Media metric(s) details to ABC

2. Social Media metric(s) reported separately


1. Prior notification of Social Media metric(s) details to ABC
  1. You must obtain ABC’s agreement in advance that your Social Media metric(s) is/are capable of being recorded and checked. This will include: 

    1. The particular Social Media metric(s) to be certified

    2. The specific product to be certified. For example by URL
2. Social Media metric(s) reported separately  
  1. The Social Media metric count will be recorded on the last working day of a month. The audit will not verify the authenticity of the original source data included in the count.

  2. Data for different products or Social Media will not be aggregated.

  3. Social Media metrics will be reported on an ABC Brand Report or Group Report. 


You will report Social Media as follows, which will be reported on the Brand Report or Group Report: 

1. By each specific product showing:
  1. The URL (or if not available the name identifying the product). For example:!ABC_UK, ABC Today App

  2. The Social Media type. For example: Facebook

  3. The Social Media metric. For example: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers

  4. The metric count.

2. As a minimum, the metric count on the last working day of the last month covered by the Certificate.
3. As an option:
  1. By metric count on the last working day of each month covered by the certificate; and/or

  2. The average of the metric counts on the last working day of each month covered by the Certificate.  

Note: If you are reporting a particular Social Media metric for the first time this may commence part way through the period covered by the certificate. 


G2. Social Media metric(s) reported separately 
  1. We will need to access the reported Social Media product. The metric counts may be confirmed by simply viewing publicly available data or via the use of other technologies. We will agree in advance the process for submission of your claims to us and how we will confirm the metric count(s).

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