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Reported Data

This section sets out other data and information that is reported on the ABC Certificate.



The following will be reported on each certificate:

1. Total Unique Attendance
  1.  You must report the Total Unique Attendance for the event, analysed into:

    1. Total Visitor Attendance

    2. Total Exhibitor Attendance

Note: Unique Attendance means duplicate instances of the same attendee must be excluded from your claim.

2. Event name 
  1. The name must reflect the event certified. This will take into account how the event is promoted to visitors and/or exhibitors. For example: two co-located shows where there are no physical barriers between the two and no means of identifying attendance at either of these. In this case the registered name of the event for ABC purposes may include both of the shows.

3. Date(s) and Venue(s) of event
  1. You must report the date(s) and venue of the event certified.

4. Date(s) and Venue(s) of next event
  1. You must report the planned date(s) and venue of the next event.

5. Year the event was established
  1. You must report the year the event was established.

6. Event frequency
  1. You must report the event frequency. For example: Annual.


The following may optionally be reported on the Certificate:

7. Repeat visits
  1. If you opt to report Total Repeat Visits, this is a stand-alone figure and not included in the Total Unique Attendance figure.

8. Demographic data
  1. You may opt to report Demographic analyses by reporting a Certificate of Attendance with Demographics or a Profile Certificate of Attendance.

9. Exhibiting Company Data
  1. If you opt to report exhibiting company data the following will be included on the ABC Certificate:

    1. Total Net Stand Space Occupied (square metres); and/or

    2. Number of Stands.

10. Main Product Groups/Services Exhibited, Target Audience – Organiser Statement
  1. You may opt to report these statements, which are to be used to describe the Main Product Groups/Services Exhibited and Target Audience.

  2. The statements must be restricted to a reasonable description of these items and not include other information or claims. 

    • Examples of statements that will not be permitted include:
    • Claims that attribute numbers or percentages to a description or profile of the target audience, e.g. 25,000 AB’s attend, 70% male 30% female etc

    • The reproduction of what appears to be visitor research e.g. average spend per visitor at the show £242

    • Quotes from exhibitors/others

    • Comparative claims in relation to the market/other shows e.g. The largest/market leading show etc … 

  3. We do not audit the accuracy of the organiser statements. However we will review them to ensure that they are reasonable and meet the above requirements.

11. Event Attendance affected by circumstances outside the organiser’s control
  1. If the event attendance is affected by circumstances outside the organiser’s control, then you may apply for a statement to be added to the certificate detailing the circumstances that have affected the attendance figures.

    1. We will confirm if we approve the inclusion of the statement or provide reasons if we reject it.

    2. The circumstances and information surrounding the statement are subject to audit.


No additional guidance.

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