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Unique Attendance

Individuals who have attended the event.


1. Individuals have attended the event

2. Reported by type

3. Optional reporting


1. Individuals have attended the event
  1. You must be able to demonstrate the individuals have attended the event.

    1. An individual may only be counted once for the event, except within the optional Repeat Visits figure if claimed.

    2.  You must retain an attendance list containing a record of all individuals that attended the event (both Visitors and Exhibitors) that includes, as a minimum, their name and either:

      • Their full postal address including postcode (for all records); or

      • Their email address (for all records)

        • Note: 
        • You must exclude from your claim any attendee where the details captured are insufficient to enable them to be contacted for audit purposes.

        • The record of individuals must be coded to distinguish between those claimed as Visitor Attendance and Exhibitor Attendance.

        • You must remove duplicates of the same attendee from the list.

2. Reported by type   
  1. Visitor attendance

    1. Individuals who are attending not for the purposes of manning a stand (includes members of the press).

  2. Exhibitor attendance

    1. Individuals who are attending for the purposes of manning a stand.

3. Optional Reporting
  1. You may choose to report Repeat Visits of Visitor Attendees.

    1. Repeat Visits are defined as subsequent visits by a Unique Visitor on different days, i.e. any more than one repeat visit on the same day does not count as further Repeat Visits. Exhibitors cannot be included in the repeat visit figure.

      • The attendance list will need to identify the Repeat Visits claimed. 


G1. Individuals have attended the event
  1. For ease of auditing and to avoid additional costs the attendance list supplied for audit should be presented in a format agreed with us. One agreed format is:

    1. One file per event in a comma-delimited format

    2. One line per attendee

    3. Each attendee coded to identify whether they are claimed as a Visitor or Exhibitor

    4. Separate fields for name, job title, postal/email address (as appropriate), telephone number etc.

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