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Sample Free Distribution

Free copies distributed, on an irregular basis, using an existing ABC Free Distribution category. 


1. Distribution uses an existing ABC Free Distribution category, without the need for a regular and consistent basis

2. Prior notification of distribution details to ABC

3. Distribution must be of an existing edition claimed on the certificate


1. Distribution uses an existing ABC Free Distribution category, without the need for a regular and consistent basis
  1. The requirements of the relevant Business Magazine Free Distribution category apply, with the exception that distribution may be of a single issue.

    1. The Free Distribution categories eligible for reporting as Sample Free Distribution are:

      • Monitored Free Distribution 

  2. Requirements relating to distribution across issues being on a regular and consistent basis and changes from previous issues are ignored.

  3. Under Sample Free Distribution you can claim distribution of back issues up to 6 months from the back issue’s distribution date. For example: May issue distributed on 1st May can be distributed at a show under Sample Free Distribution up until 31st October. 

2. Prior notification of distribution details to ABC  
  • You must obtain ABC’s agreement in advance of the distribution for sample copies under the Monitored Free Distribution method, having provided full details of timings, delivery locations etc. This is to enable audit work to be conducted at the appropriate time, including real time testing where appropriate.

Note: You will not need to gain ABC’s advance agreement where the Sample Free copies:

  • Are delivered to a trade event
  • Are claimed ‘gross’ (i.e. the supply quantity)
  • Are delivered to the trade event location by a third-party company whose business is distribution. Note: This evidence should identify the title, issue and quantity
3. Distribution must be of an existing edition claimed on the certificate
  1. The copies must be broadly similar to an existing edition being claimed on the certificate. Therefore a certificate cannot comprise copies claimed in the Sample Free Distribution category alone.  


You will report Sample Free Distribution as follows, which will be broken out on the ABC Certificate: 

1. Audit Issue by geographical type:
  1. United Kingdom

  2. Other Countries

2. For each issue claimed an analysis as follows:
  1. Distribution type - E.g. Net distribution - by hand, Net distribution - other, Gross

  2. A statement describing how and where the copies are distributed (covering both the geographical location and type of distribution point).

  3. The number of copies.

  4. Distribution date (for example first day of exhibition)

We will add the average number of copies across the period to this analysis.

 Illustration of data required for Sample Free Distribution - Monitored Free Distribution  

IssueDistribution DateDescriptionNumber of Copies
March 2018

12/3/18 Gross Distribution - Accounting Conference, London O2


June 2018

20/6/18 Gross Distribution - Auditing Conference, Birmingham NEC 750

August 2018

2/8/18 Gross Distribution – Accounting Conference, Glasgow, IET


    Sample Free Distribution average over the 12 issues in the period 146



No additional guidance.

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