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An Edition is a version of an issue of the publication that varies from the Main Edition (the UK and/or ROI version that has the largest circulation), usually for reasons of geography, timing or content. How it has varied from the Main Edition will affect how or whether it can be included on the same ABC Certificate.


1. An Edition must be in keeping with the overall issue to be reported on the same ABC Certificate

2. Changes to an Edition may require a breakout on the ABC Certificate


1. An Edition must be in keeping with the overall issue to be reported on the same ABC Certificate
  1. The Edition must carry a logotype/masthead incorporating the generic name of the Main Edition.

  2. The branding and appearance of the Edition must not give the impression that it is a different publication than the Main Edition. For the avoidance of doubt a change in format alone (such as a change in publication size) will not infringe this requirement.

  3. The Edition must carry the same cover date/issue identification as the Main Edition.

  4. The Edition must be published and distributed on or about the same date as the Main Edition.

  5. The Edition must have a similar advertising / editorial ratio to the Main Edition.

  6. The Edition’s pagination must not change by more than 30% from the Main Edition.

  7. The addition of a wrap-round (‘wrap’) to copies of an issue can be ignored for ABC purposes (i.e. will not be considered part of the publication) providing:

    1. The wrap consists of multiples of 4 pages.

    2. The wrap is not included in the issue’s page numbering.

    3. The normal publication including masthead remains intact inside the wrap.

    4. The front page of the wrap carries branding/masthead consistent with the publication inside, sufficient for the consumer to identify the publication.

2. Changes to an Edition may require a breakout on the ABC Certificate  
  • Where there are any advertising changes, you must report the total average circulation for that Edition, which will appear on the Certificate.

  • Where an Edition carries less than 70% of the advertisements that appear in the Main Edition, you must report an additional breakout of Editions by primary circulation type (i.e. by single copies, subscriptions, multiple copies and free), which will appear on the certificate.


    • Advertisements are defined as all advertising including ROP, display, classified and advertorials.

    • Advertisements that have been changed in the Edition but are from the same advertiser are treated as appearing in the Edition for this purpose.

    • Advertising changes are ignored for ABC purposes if:

      • They are made solely because their inclusion would, in the opinion of the publisher, the advertiser or their agency render the publication illegal in a particular territory. Note: This opinion must be judged reasonable by the auditor and ABC.

      • The advertisement has changed but it is the same advertiser.

  • Where the Edition is in a different format than the Main Edition for example A5 rather than A4, you must report the average print percentage for each format, based on the number of copies printed for each issue in the Reporting Period. This will appear on the Certificate. For example: Average print run: Standard Edition 73%, Travel Edition 27%. 

  • If you do need to breakout an Edition then the Main Edition will be broken out as well.


No additional guidance.


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