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Free Requested Delivered Copies [Print/Digital]

A single free copy requested by and distributed to a known individual.


1. Single copy per issue, distributed to a known individual 

2. Individual has personally requested to receive the publication



1. Single copy per issue, distributed to a known individual 

  1. You must be able to demonstrate the copy is distributed to the individual. 

  2. You do not need to deliver to the same addresses from issue to issue. However to be claimed as regular free the number of copies delivered per issue must be consistent and regular in quantity. 

  3. You must retain a list of individual recipients (including address details) for each issue in the reporting period. 

    1. You must retain a list of individual recipients for one designated issue each reporting period (the Audit Issue – see General Principles and Record Keeping section). In addition, you must be able to recreate a list of any issue in the reporting period on request.

    2. We may agree to waive this requirement where you use a bespoke distribution process involving a route to market that is operated by a third party or partner operation under the following conditions:

      • You are not able to provide a mailing list because the third party/partner operation responsible for the data will not/cannot provide it for the purposes of the audit.

      • You do not provide to the third party/partner operation details of specific individuals that should receive a copy of the publication under their process.

      • We are able to review the third party/partner’s operation and distribution system and satisfy ourselves that the copies meet the definition and principles of Free Requested Delivered Copies and that there is not likely to be a significant level of duplication of a particular issue to individuals through this distribution process. [Note: individuals distributed to under this process need not be tested for duplications against copies distributed outside of the process].

      • You notify us that you are claiming copies that utilise these requirements in order that we can plan appropriate verification work.

  4. You cannot claim distribution of back issues.

2. Individual has personally requested to receive the publication  

  1. You must have third party evidence that the individual has, within the last three years, made a clear request to receive the publication before you send it to them. 


Note: If you’re claiming digital copies, please also refer to the additional requirements in the Digital Copies section.


You will report free requested delivered copies as follows, which will be broken out on the ABC Certificate:

1. By average geographical type:

  1. United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

  2. Other Countries

2. By total average circulation over the reporting period, combined with other free copy categories, analysed into:

  1. Regular - net

  2. Sample - net.


  1. Free requested delivered copies are defined as regular if the quantities are broadly similar for the majority of issues in the Reporting Period.  If not regular the copies will be claimed as sample.

  2. Free requested delivered copies are deemed to be net for reporting purposes as they are distributed to individuals.


    No additional guidance.


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