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Non-Controlled Free Circulation [Print only]

Single copies distributed to individuals or organisations.


1. Single copy per issue, distributed to an individual or organisation


1. Single copy per issue, distributed to an individual or organisation 
  1. You must be able to demonstrate the copy is distributed to the individual or organisation.

    1. Each copy should be addressed or accompanied by instructions which enable the distributor to deliver to the individual. 

  2. You must retain a list of the recipients for one designated issue each reporting period (the Audit Issue – see General Principles and Record Keeping section). In addition you must be able to recreate a list of any issue in the reporting period on request. 

  3. You cannot claim distribution of back issues.

Guidance Available


You will report non-controlled free circulation as follows, which will be broken out on the ABC Certificate:

1. By average geographical type: 
  1. United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

  2. Other Countries 

2. By total average circulation over the reporting period, combined with other free copy categories, analysed into:

a) Regular - net

b) Sample - net


i) Non-Controlled circulation is defined as regular if the quantity are broadly similar for the majority of issues in the Reporting Period.  If not regular the copies will be claimed as sample.

ii) Non-Controlled copies are deemed to be net for reporting purposes as they are distributed individually.

iii) There is no requirement to breakout Non-Controlled copies into by name or not by name types


G1. Single copy per issue, distributed to an individual or organisation
  1. Distribution evidence: This will usually be from a third party company whose normal business is single copy distribution (such as Royal Mail).  Typically the evidence will include testing the payment of invoices and related advice notes sufficient to identify the publication, issue, quantities and date distributed.

  2. Distribution evidence: If a copy is handed to an individual (say at an exhibition) distribution evidence may comprise the recording of the individual’s full name and address details, the date and their signature clearly acknowledging receipt of the publication (including the relevant issue information).

    1. The signed acknowledgement must not be combined with a request or acknowledgement of another product or service.

    2. Copies given away with entry tickets or goody bags can only be claimed if the individual’s full details are recorded and they have explicitly signed acknowledging receipt of the issue of the publication.

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