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Paid Multiple Copies - Business Sales [Digital only]

A Digital Copy that has been purchased by a third-party and viewed by a consumer.


1. Copy is purchased by a third-party

2. Copy is viewed by the consumer


1. Copy is purchased by a third-party
  1. A third-party must pay the publisher a positive financial contribution for the copies claimed.

    1. Where a third-party generates and provides the information on copies viewed for the claim then the requirement is that they must pay the publisher for the copies. 

    2. When calculating what price has been paid by the third party you must take into account:

      • Any reciprocal payments made by the publisher

      • Any reciprocal charges for goods or services made by the third-party as part of the deal (for example: for distribution or marketing).

      • The value of any other goods or services provided free or discounted by the publisher (for example advertising or promotional messages).

  2. You must be able to provide evidence of the contractual arrangements between third parties and the publisher to measure, report and pay the publisher for the copies viewed.  

2. Copy is viewed by the consumer
  1. Copies can only be claimed if they have been viewed by a consumer. This will be demonstrated by meeting at least the definition of a Publication Active View (a single copy of a publication actively opened by a device for viewing. See full definition*).

  2. Only one view per device per issue can be claimed.

  3. There is no requirement to de-duplicate it against other circulation categories.

  4. Back issues up to 12 months old can be claimed against the issue current at the time it is viewed.


*Publication Active View:

1. Definition: A single copy of a publication actively opened by a device for viewing.

2. Principles:

a. A minimum of one page of an issue (or a day) opened/served on/to a device.

b. Distinct action/event by the end user to view.

Note: a single action/request which results in both the content being downloaded/made available and the automatic opening of a page of the publication is not considered a distinct action/event. A further distinct action would be required such as opening a second page.

c. The view request must be on an issue by issue (or daily) basis. 


Multiple Copy Business Sales will be reported as a single total average per issue over the Reporting Period, broken out as follows:

  1. In the category Paid Multiple Copies by geographical type:

    1. United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

    2. Other Countries

  2. As an option by the following categories according to the audience type:

    1. Airside & International Rail

    2. Hotels

    3. Trains

    4. Sports Events

    5. Leisure Centres

    6. Food/Beverage Outlets

    7. Other/Not Analysed


No additional guidance.

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