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Metrics and Reporting

Attendance and related data for digital events. Examples include webinars, awards, exhibitions and seminars delivered online.


  1. Attendance to the event must be controlled
  2. You must report event attendance
  3. You may report additional optional metrics 


  1. Attendance to the event must be controlled
    1. Attendance may be to a live event online and/or time-shifted attendance via a recording of the event at a later time.

    2. Access to the event must be controlled by the Event Organiser in a manner that records attendance and enables it to be verified in accordance with these Reporting Standards. Access may be paid or free.

  2. You must report event attendance
    1. Attendance can be claimed once for each person attending the event. Therefore sufficient details of attendees must be captured to enable duplicates to be removed from the claim.

    2. You must be able to demonstrate the numbers attending the event, whether live or via a time-shifted recording. No minimum time of attendance applies.

      1. We expect this to be via a system/software solution that hosts the event and records interactions with the attendees.

      2. Our audit approach is to understand how the system/software solution measures and records attendees’ activity and review its configuration/implementation in order to establish that it will provide the relevant information for your claim in accordance with these standards.

      3. You will need to provide us with appropriate information to confirm metric counts and configuration settings. This may include access to your system/software solution’s dashboard (on a review/read only basis) and if necessary for more complex claims, the underlying system data (e.g. logged records) or additional records such as user registration/payment records. You must also grant us free access to the event if requested.

      4. Time-shifted attendance via a recording of the event may only be claimed:

        • Where this occurs within 3 months of the date of the live event/recording.

        • Where the recording remains substantially the same as the live event/original recording. i.e. minor edits may be made to improve the user’s experience but the vast majority of the original content is retained.

  3. You may report additional optional metrics
    If you wish to report optional analyses or breakouts please discuss this with us, so we can review the additional evidence and audit work involved.

    1. Defined metrics

      1. Registrants - The number of individuals that registered to attend the event.

      2. Attendees (live), Attendees (recorded) – A breakout of attendance into the number of individuals that attended the live event and the number who viewed the recorded event at a later time. As individuals can only be counted once, you must apply a consistent policy for the treatment of individuals that attend both the live event and a subsequent recording, either reporting them against the live or recorded breakout figure (but not both).

      3. Duration (Average viewing time) - The average time spent by each individual attending the event (both live and recorded if applicable).

    2. Other analyses or breakouts derived from the metrics certified. For example demographics, geographic analysis, ratios etc. 



You will report Digital Events as follows, which will be broken out on the ABC Certificate:

  1. The Digital Event name and date.

  2. As a minimum the event attendance.

  3. You may optionally report other defined metrics, analyses or breakouts.

  4. You may optionally report a description of the Digital Event. Note: This statement is to be factual and not contain market comparisons or claims not supported by the data published on the certificate.

  5. You may include two or more Digital Events on a single certificate (these can be from different brands). They will be listed individually with a figure for each.

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