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Mandatory Metric

 The mandatory metric is the minimum which must be reported. In addition, other agreed metrics may be reported.

  • The mandatory metric for Magazine Digital Publications is Circulation.  

  • The mandatory metric for Newspapers and Others is Publication Active View.   

In addition to the mandatory metric you may report:

  • Other agreed metrics

  • Breakouts of agreed metrics by another auditable description/type. For example: platform, device, geography


  1. Copies of a Digital Publication are opted in – either by request or payment.

  2. Copies free to the end user or bundled must be de-duplicated.

  3. The price paid for the Digital Publication (including if free) must be clear and conspicuous. If not then it might be claimed as a Bundled copy.

Circulation types -

  Circulation paid by the end user: 

  1. Paid single copy - sale of a single issue in a single transaction

  2. Paid single copy subscription – sale for a defined period, a minimum of 2 issues (or 2 days) in a single transaction

    Circulation free to the end user:

  3. Free single copy request – a single issue request, from the end user within the last year.

  4. Free single copy subscription request – a single copy request for a defined period, a minimum of 2 issues (or 2 days). 

  5. Free Society non-requested – to an individual entitled to receive the Digital Publication as part of their paid society membership.

  6. Corporate subscription – a subscription for a defined period, a minimum of 2 issues (or 2 days) purchased by a business/organisation on behalf of its employees where the email address of each end user is obtained.

    Other Circulation: 

  7. Bundled – a single copy or subscription sold as part of a package of products and/or services, and where the price paid for the Digital Publication is not clear and conspicuous.

Publication Active View (PAV)
  1. Definition: A single copy of a publication actively opened by a device for viewing.

  2. Principles:

    1. A minimum of one page of an issue (or a day) opened/served on/to a device.

    2. Distinct action/event by the end user to view. Note: a single action/request which results in both the content being downloaded/made available and the automatic opening of a page of the publication is not considered a distinct action/event. A further distinct action would be required such as opening a second page.

    3. The view request must be on an issue by issue (or daily) basis.

Publication Download
  1. Definition: A single copy of a publication’s content delivered, streamed or downloaded to a device available to read.

  2. Principles:

    1. The whole issue (or content) is available to read.

    2. Can be either ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’.

    3. Requested by the end user on an issue by issue (or daily) basis or continuous basis. 

Total Edition Active View
  1. Definition: The unde-duplicated total of the reported Publication Active Views of all applicable editions (i.e. not de-duplicated by device).

  2. Principles: 

To be included in the Total Edition Active View figure, the edition must:

    1. Be issued at a known and regular time.

    2. Remain available to the user with all other editions.

    3. Contain some new editorial compared to other editions.

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