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Reported Data

This section sets out other data and information that is reported on the ABC Certificate.


1. Total Average Circulation
  1. You must report the total Average Circulation per issue.

    1. Copies claimed in the following categories will be included in the total Average Circulation figure, broken down by geographical area:

      • Paid Single Copies, including:

        • Retail Sales (Sale or Return)

        • Single Copy Sales

        • Firm Sale

      • Paid Subscriptions, including:

        • Single Copy Subscription Sales

        • Voucher Subscription Sales

        • Corporate Subscription Sales

          • The geographical areas are:

          1. United Kingdom

          2. Scotland - as a subset of UK

          3.  England, Wales & N. Ireland – as a subset of UK

          4. Republic of Ireland (ROI)

      • Paid Multiple Copies

      • Free Copies

    2. Copies claimed in the following category will be included in the total Average Net Circulation figure and not broken out:

      • Other Countries

    3. Digital Edition copies are reported separately to the print copies as Publication Active Views and/or circulation. Circulation will be broken down by the following geographical areas: UK, ROI, Other Countries (i.e. no subset of UK is required).

2. Issue details, circulations
  1. For publications published between Monday and Saturday:

    1. You must report the average print circulation for the UK and Republic of Ireland, broken out by circulation category and rate, into the geographical areas detailed above for:

      • Monday to Friday issues

      • Saturday issues

  2. For each 6 month period (January to June and July to December) you must report a percentage variance of each day of week average UK and Republic of Ireland circulation across the 6 month period against the total average circulation for the 6 month period as follows:

    1. The January to June period will be reported in the June ABC Report and the July to December period in the December report.

    2. The percentage variance will be reported separately for the UK and Republic of Ireland geographical areas detailed above.

3. Optional metrics
  1. You may report optional metrics in addition to the required mandatory metrics, providing these are to an industry-agreed definition. Note: There may be additional costs associated with the preparation of the certificate and audit of the additional data.


No additional guidance.


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