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Personal Identifier Question(s) (PIQs) are set by ABC and are used as a means of audit verification. 

*New* 2021 ABC Personal Identifier Questions 

You may use either of the following questions from 1st January *2021* until 31st December 2021:

  • First two letters of the first school you attended. For example “Brookmead School” = “BR”


  • What is the month (two digits) of your father’s birthday? i.e. recorded numerically (1-12). For example: June = 06

2020 ABC Personal Identifier Questions

You may use either of the following questions up until 31st December 2020:

  • Last digit of your year of birth (0-9). For example: 1973 = 3 or 1990 = 0  


  • Last two letters of your mother’s maiden name (i.e. first surname). For example Smith = ‘TH

More information on PIQs

The PIQ is used as a means of audit verification for telephone and electronic registrations (e.g. via internet or e-mail) for controlled free circulation, free requested delivered copies or event attendees.

If used to support your claim it must be asked, the answer recorded and the information retained for audit, for telephone and electronic requests (e.g. via internet or e-mail), source documents used to support non-requested controlled circulation obtained by these means or for telephone/internet event registrations. Please see the relevant Reporting Standards for more information.

For more information or if you have any queries on the Personal Identifier Questions or rules generally please contact us.   

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