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From periods ending January 2020 ROI titles will now report under the Business Magazine Reporting Standards


Historical updates

Issued October 2018
  • New ABC Standards have been agreed for ROI Business Magazines. The link above details significant changes in reporting and circulation requirements that will come into effect from Reporting Periods ending December 2018
  • An example certificate illustrating the new design and layout can be viewed here. Please note this includes examples of optional data and tables
Issued August 2017
  • Demographic reporting: We have simplified the options for reporting demographic data

  • Digital Editions: You may claim Digital Edition copies in the Controlled Non-Requested category

Issued December 2016
  • Optional analyses - You can report, with ABC's agreement, additional information on the certificate. ABC will review the request and confirm whether the information can be reported and any associated cost.

  • Event Audience (Multi-Platform Certificate/Report) - You can report a simple event audience figure on a Multi-Platform Certificate/Report. The attendance figure will comprise people that have attended (whether paying or free), with them being counted once on each day they attend.

  • Awards Seat Sales (Multi-Platform Certificate/Report) - You can report seat sales for Awards Events on a Multi-Platform Certificate/Report. Further details of attendees are not required.

Issued May 2016
  • Digital Editions - you can now include live social media feeds, news and video feeds. The principle of a Digital Edition being inert once published has been removed, and editorial can be updated after publication, as long as at least 75% of the editorial from the print parent is present at any point in the Digital Edition.

  • Other Bulk Distribution - you can now claim back issues in this section, but will also report the date(s) of these distributions.

  • Issue reporting - publications that have more than 56 issues in a Reporting Period will now report the detail for all their issues rather than a summary statement. 

If you require information on any earlier changes please contact us.

Archived standards

If you require past versions of Reporting Standards you can find them here.

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