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Reporting Standards for print and digital editions of products registered in the Republic of Ireland Consumer Magazines sector. 

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Latest updates

Issued January 2019
  • Monitored/Sample Free Distribution: Free copies packaged with other magazines or products can now be included in these categories. Examples include a free magazine within a retail multipack, a magazine inserted within another publication and a free magazine within a goodybag

Issued October 2018
  • New ABC Standards have been agreed for ROI Consumer Magazines. The link above details significant changes in reporting and circulation requirements that will come into effect from Reporting Periods ending December 2018
  • An example certificate illustrating the new design and layout can be viewed here
Issued August 2017
  • Digital Editions: All You Can Read Sales - A new category for Digital Edition copies where the consumer has paid and viewed a copy as part of a multi-publication offer.

  • Optional analyses: You can report, with ABC's agreement, additional information on the certificate. ABC will review the request and confirm whether the information can be reported and any associated cost.

  • Controlled Circulation: We may agree to waive the requirement for a mailing list and duplication testing against other individual circulation for copies distributed using an auditable distribution process that is operated by a third party/partner operation.

Issued December 2016
  • Multiple Copy Sales: Optional analysis - These copies are currently analysed by a standard set of consumer types i.e. Airside, Hotel, Trains etc. You may now choose to report additional detail about these copies, providing it is auditable.

  • Event Audience (Multi-Platform Certificate/Report) - You can report a simple event audience figure on a Multi-Platform Certificate/Report. The attendance figure will comprise people that have attended (whether paying or free), with them being counted once on each day they attend.

  • Awards Seat Sales (Multi-Platform Certificate/Report) - You can report seat sales for Awards Events on a Multi-Platform Certificate/Report. Further details of attendees are not required.

If you require information on any earlier changes please contact us.

The Irish Council

The Irish (Republic of Ireland) Council has the responsibility for ABC Reporting Standards for Republic of Ireland giving it the authority to develop rule sets directly relating to Irish (ROI) publications.

A publication will report under the ROI Reporting Standards if it publishes the majority of its circulation/distribution in the Republic of Ireland. 

The members of the Council are:  

  • Magazines Ireland, Grace Aungier, Chief Executive
  • Independent News & Media, Enda Daly, Operations / Circulation Analysis
  • Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI), Barry Dooley
  • Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland, Eoin Doyle, Head of Marketing, Food
  • EuroTimes, Colin Kerr, Executive Editor
  • NewsBrands Ireland, Ann Marie Lenihan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brendan McCabe, Chair
  • PHD, Jason Nebenzahl, Managing Director
  • Local Ireland, Johnny O'Hanlon, Director
  • IAPI, Charley Stoney, CEO
  • The Irish Times, Fran Walsh, Newspaper Sales Development Manager

Submission deadlines

PeriodSubmission deadline
Dec 2019 01/02/2020

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