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Reported Data

This section sets out other data and information that is reported on the ABC Certificate.


1. Total Average Circulation
  1. You must report the total Average Circulation per issue.

    1. Copies claimed in the following categories will be included in the total Average Circulation figure:

      Primary categories 

      Circulation categories eligible

      Breakdown of copies

      Additional analysis

      Paid Single Copies

      Retail Sales: 

        Sale or return

        Limited Sale or Return

        Firm Sale

      Single Copy Sales

      Special Editions

      Sports Editions

      Breakout into:

      - Full Rate

      - Below Full Rate

      - Overseas


      Special Editions

      Sports Editions

      For each Special Edition: cover date, cover price and number of copies


      Cover Price

      Paid Subscriptions

      Single Copy Subscriptions

      Paid Employee Copies

      Publisher Controlled Direct Delivery

      Voucher Subscription Sales

      Corporate subscriptions (digital only)


      - Single Copy Subscriptions:

      - Full Rate

      - Below Full Rate

      - Overseas



      Corporate subscriptions (digital only) 


      Paid Multiple Copies

      Paid Multiple Copies

      Sports Editions

      Paid Multiple Copies

      Sports Editions 

      Paid Multiple Copies - Analysis of copies by audience type 

    2. Digital Editions copies are reported separately to the print copies.

    3. The total Average Circulation print figure will be broken out into Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and other.

2. Actively Purchased Circulation
  1. We will report an analysis of the paid print and Digital Edition elements of the total Average Circulation which is defined as Actively Purchased, being the sum of circulation from the following categories:

    1. Print and Digital Edition Retail, Single Copy and Subscription Sales, including:  Retail Sales (Sale or Return), Retail Sales (Limited Sale or Return), Retail Sales (Firm Sale), Single Copy Sales, Single Copy Subscription Sales, Paid Employee Copies, Publisher Controlled Direct Delivery, Voucher Subscription Sales.

    2. Print Single Copy Sales of Special Editions.

    3. Print Single Copy Sales of Sports Editions.

3. Issue details, circulations 
    1. On all certificates (except single issue) you must report the monthly average print circulations, broken out by the following circulation types:

      1. paid Single Copies and Paid Subscriptions

      2. Paid Multiple Copies 

4. You may choose to report a Group Certificate
  1. You may choose to report a Group Certificate that combines the circulations from 2 or more publications’ Certificates providing:

    1. Each Certificate relates to the same Reporting Standards

    2. Each Certificate is for the same Reporting Period

    3. Each publication has the same publishing frequency

    4. Each publication is owned by the same publisher

      Note: ABC will produce Group Certificates from the data submitted for the constituent publications. 

5. Optional analyses 
  1. You may request to report additional analyses, derived from (or closely connected with) data reported on the certificate, subject to the following:

    1. The data to be reported on the certificate is, in our opinion:

    2. Auditable

    3. Related to the product being certified 

    4. Albeit reporting different information, is in keeping with the requirements for data and evidence in relation to existing relevant Reporting Standards. For example: If the breakout is an analysis of subscription bundles, we would expect the evidence levels to be in line with that already in place for subscriptions.  

    5. We will review the request and confirm whether we agree it can be reported, how it will be reported and any requirements in relation to the audit timing or process.

      Note: There may be additional costs associated with the preparation of the certificate and audit of the additional data.


No additional guidance.

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