TAG Platinum Certification

ABC is a leading media auditor, approved by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group).


What is TAG Platinum Certification?

TAG Platinum Members have earned each of TAG’s available Certifications:

  • Brand Safety Certified
  • Certified Against Fraud seal
  • Certified Against Malware seal

Why achieve TAG Platinum status?

Being certified for these areas demonstrates a significant investment into reducing three of the biggest challenges in digital advertising, namely; reducing the risk of ad misplacement, combatting invalid traffic and preventing/mitigating against malware.

Achieving Platinum status through an independent audit from ABC, sets the bar even higher. It enhances trust and transparency for your trading partners and also means you’re leading by example for the rest of the industry.

We’ve independently audited the following to achieve Platinum Certification.

And have a number of clients working with us towards certification.

Magna logoInitiative logoUM logoIPG Mediabrands logoReprise logoMatterkind logoKinesso logo

Why choose us?

  • Our extensive experience
    We conducted the world’s first Brand Safety audit in 2006 and have over 100 businesses working with us to achieve TAG seals through independent validation. 

  • Our industry position
    We’re industry owned, structured to be independent and impartial. And as a non-profit distributing company our services are cost effective.

  • Our audit approach
    We take a consultative approach which means we’ll help you understand what’s required and provide advice to help you secure your TAG seals.

  • Our Track record
    We’ve submitted over 200 audit reports to TAG over the last 2 years: all unchallenged and trusted, supported by extremely high customer satisfaction scores.

  • Our free marketing support
    We’ll help amplify your message of success with PR templates, gifs and guidance.

Get a substantial discount from our standard rates by going platinum!

Our pricing is dependant on the scope of your audit with us but by choosing us as your auditor across all the TAG certifications we will pass on saving we can achieve through economies of scale.

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How we'll support you:

  • World-class verification from an independent auditor
  • High quality support and advice from leading experts
  • Dedicated account and audit managers
  • Marketing support
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ABC releases data for the UK media industry to use when trading advertising. Our audits can cover your whole brand.

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ABC are a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services, with specialist skills in digital ad trading. Our process and bespoke audits cover the following areas.

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