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Published date: 31 July 2014

A press release circulated by email: incorrectly uses the ABC Logo in relation to the Dublin Gazette when it has not been issued an ABC Certificate; incorrectly makes the claim "It's official, Dublin's number one" next to the ABC Logo; quotes a March-April 2014 ABC figure when no such certificate has been issued; quotes a July - December 2012 ABC figure, which was withdrawn; quotes incorrect figures for Metro Herald and The Herald; given the nature of the comparison with other newspapers fails to make reference to the different publishing frequencies and that The Herald is a paid for title. In addition a front page article in the Thursday 10th issue of the publication also incorrectly made reference to an ABC figure, incorrectly used the ABC Logo and included the claim "It's official we are Dublin's No.1"

Complainant: ABC

Upheld. It is clarified that whilst the publication is ABC registered no ABC certificate has been issued at this time and therefore the Dublin Gazette cannot use the ABC Logo or quote ABC figures. The claims made should therefore be disregarded. The publisher apologises for the release of information which they explain was due to a misunderstanding of the process of audit and certification, and for quoting incorrect figures for other newspapers which was due to a proofing error. The publisher is required to circulate a correction by email to the recipients of the original mailing and publish a front page correction in the publication.


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