Consumer Magazine (Dennis Publishing Ltd)

Published date: 17 April 2015

Media pack includes: 1) A graph that that incorrectly claims a year on year (YOY) percentage increase for Cyclist magazine. As Cyclist's first ABC certificate is for the period ending December 2014 it has no ABC YOY figure and it is misleading to compare this with ABC YOY data for other titles.2) A 'growth' graph that is easy to misread and incorrectly implies they have sales of 45-50,000.

Complainant: Immediate Media

Upheld. The claimed YOY increase should not have been attributed to ABC and was therefore incorrectly compared with ABC data for other titles as it was not a like for like comparison. The 'growth' graph that showed Cyclist's circulation figures by issue since launch comprised a level of detail that was not certified by ABC and for a number of issues prior to the period of ABC certification. ABC concluded this graph should have been appropriately sourced so as to avoid it being mistaken as ABC data.The publisher has taken steps to ensure material going forward will no longer refer to Cyclist?s ABC YOY growth until such time as the data is available and will amend the growth graph to make it clearer and include appropriate sourcing for non-ABC data.


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