Online (Magezine Publishing)

Published date: 08 May 2015

Advertisement in April 2015 issue of BPI News incorrectly references ePHOTOzine?s ABC monthly Unique Browser figure from 2012 in relation to 2015, makes an illogical and misleading comparison that this means it outsells the paper-based market leader by 30-1 and incorrectly uses the ABC Logo because over 18 months has elapsed since the end of the period certified.

Complainant: Future plc

Upheld. ePHOTOzine's last ABC Web Traffic certificate was for the month of December 2012 and the advertisement implied this data applied to 2015. As more than 18 months has elapsed since the period certified it is no longer entitled to use the ABC Logo. The lack of clarity over the period certified made the comparison with more recent figures for the paper-based market leader misleading, exacerbated by the differences in the products compared (ePHOTOzine being a free website compared to a paid magazine). The publisher is required to cease using any of the offending claims and the ABC Logo.


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