Farmers Weekly

Business Magazine (Reed Business Information Ltd)

Published date: 15 June 2015

A flyer promoting the publication includes the claim "Farmers Weekly increasingly sells more copies to more farmers...than Farmers Guardian, as confirmed by ABC". The complainant alleges the claim "to more farmers" is not supported by ABC data. In addition a bar chart analysing Farmers Weekly subscriptions incorrectly describes the 3% that are sold at less than 50% of standard rates as being sold at greater than 50%.

Complainant: Briefing Media Ltd

Upheld. Reed Business Information responded that, as the title suggests, the publication is aimed at farmers and that they have evidence from independent research that supports the claim. However the flyer specifically attributes this as being confirmed by ABC, when the ABC certificate and audit do not support this demographic claim. In relation to the bar chart of subscription sales, Reed Business Information acknowledged there had been an error in production that resulted in a 'greater than' symbol being used instead of a 'less than' symbol. The publisher is required to cease using this document in its current form and ensure the offending claims are not repeated.


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