Medical Independent

Business Magazine (GreenCross Publishing)

Published date: 28 June 2016

Release published on website and in 30 May issue of the Medical Independent incorrectly attributes to ABC a non-ABC figure for the eCopy; a 'unique recipients' combined figure and a claim to be the largest circulating medical newspaper in Ireland. The period of certification for the ABC certified print figure is not included as required by ABC publicity rules.

Complainant: MPI Media Ltd

Upheld. Whilst the eCopy is registered to be audited by ABC, the certificate has not been issued at this time. Therefore the quoted figures and claims associated with the eCopy and combined position of the print/eCopy are therefore not supported by ABC data. The Medical Independent's print publication is ABC certified (6,104 January to December 2015). The publisher apologised for the error and is required to publish a correction in the publication and on the website.


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