The Spectator

Consumer Magazine (The Spectator (1828) Ltd)

Published date: 22 March 2017

An article published on the BBC website on 8th February contains circulation data for The Spectator ahead of the ABC release scheduled for publication the following day.

Complainant: ABC

Upheld. The Spectator apologised, explaining that they had liaised with the author believing this was understood as being under embargo. They added this advance contact was made because the numbers are complicated and the author wished to refer to consumer sales only. ABC concludes that, although the current figures provided for The Spectator were not ABC data, this nonetheless infringed the ABC requirement to not release data (including trends in data) in advance of the ABC release. The Spectator confirmed their understanding of, and respect for, the embargo of ABC data until the scheduled release and undertake to do everything possible to avoid a recurrence.


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