Business Magazine (Redactive Publishing Limited)

Published date: 06 February 2019

An in-house advertisement in the January edition of Facilitate incorrectly refers to a competitor title, Facilities Management Journal (FMJ), as having a circulation that is "95% unknown".

Complainant: kpm media Limited


Upheld. The latest ABC certificate for FMJ (July 2017 to June 2018) shows that its circulation is 100% controlled and individually requested (plus a handful of paid subscriptions). Therefore the claim that FMJ’s circulation is “95% unknown” is inaccurate and not a fair comparison against Facilitate’s, which is described as being to named individuals.

In their response Redactive acknowledged and apologised that the advert, which had previously been identified as incorrect and not to be used again, was inadvertently updated for new branding and subsequently used in error. 

Redactive have confirmed the file in question has now been deleted to avoid further use and steps taken to ensure verification and sign-off procedures are in place for future filler ads.


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