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Brand Safety

Brand SafetyG

Brand safety is all about ensuring digital ads only appear in the context of appropriate content. If the content surrounding an advertiser's creative is detrimental to their brand values, it could potentially damage their reputation with long standing affect.

We verify digital businesses, as well as Content Verification Tools, to help companies demonstrate they're doing all they can to deliver optimum brand safety.

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG)

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) is a cross industry working group managed by JICWEBS.

The group created a set of high level Principles aimed at minimising the risk of ad misplacement and our role is to independently assess whether a business is compliant with these Principles.

Upon successful completion, businesses are issued a Certificate and Seal of Compliance from JICWEBS, demonstrating their commitment to brand safety.

Verified DTSG clients

Content Verification

Content Verification (CV) technology is designed to crawl through hundreds of web pages, classifying the content and making decisions on whether the content is appropriate for the advertising campaign. 

This means they reduce the risk of advertising appearing alongside inappropriate content such as adult, hate speech, breaking news and illegal websites for example.

Working towards the JICWEBS Content Verification (CV) Principles, we verify the capabilities of CV Products in a consistent and transparent way.

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