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Online Ad Fraud

Anti Ad FraudGWhen talking about fraud in the context of the online media industry, we mean the variety of ways people extort money from advertisers - ad fraud.

Reporting into the JICWEBS Standards Board, the Anti-Fraud Technical and Commercial Working Groups are made up of representatives from the UK online advertising industry. These working groups aim to minimize the risk of exposure to ad fraud via development of the following JICWEBS standards for digital display advertising:

The end objective is to ensure that advertisers only pay for valid Ad Impressions and we're working with the industry to help achieve this...

Anti-Fraud - Process Verification

The JICWEBS Anti-Fraud Principles provide guidance on good practice for businesses within the ad delivery supply chain. The Principles outline a number of key areas that call for processes and policies to effectively reduce the risk of exposure to ad fraud.

Our role is to independently assess whether a business is compliant with these Principles. Upon successful completion of our verification, businesses will be issued a Certificate and Seal of Compliance from JICWEBS

Verified Anti-Fraud clients

Anti-Fraud - Product Certification

Complementary to our Anti-Fraud process verification (above), we separately work with vendors to certify their products’ technical ability to address the 16 sources of fraudulent traffic as described in the JICWEBS UK Traffic Taxonomy.  

The JICWEBS Taxonomy, combined with our independent product certification, raise awareness of the types of fraud affecting our industry and how it's reported. They each exist to support your efforts in working towards reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud.     

ComScore100 Working towards certification
doubleverify2 IQ Fraud Advanced
July 2018
forensiq-logo.png Working towards certification
gsilogo.PNG Working towards certification
IAS 100 Working towards certification

Spiders & Robots service

In 2006 the IAB US and ABC UK merged their data to create a single global list for ad and site traffic-related non-human (robotic) activity. This became known as the International IAB/ABC Spiders & Robots List.

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