Audit Services

ABC is a leading industry-owned auditor for media products and services, with specialist skills in digital ad trading.

Separate to our Print, Digital and Event audits, our experienced team provides an independent service checking compliance across a range of other media standards...

When talking about fraud in the context of the online media industry, we mean the variety of ways people extort money from advertisers - ad fraud.

We audit digital platforms and technologies to global ad fraud standards. We also provide data that helps businesses filter out known invalid traffic.

If the content surrounding an advertiser's creative is detrimental to their brand values, it could potentially damage their reputation with long standing affect.

We verify digital businesses, as well as Content Verification Tools, to help companies demonstrate they're doing all they can to reduce the risk of brand safety issues occurring.

In digital media, the term 'viewability' is used to refer to the area (usually %) and time (in seconds) that an online advert is viewable i.e. its opportunity to be seen.

Our Viewability Certification is designed to check whether a product is capable of counting viewable impressions in accordance with industry agreed standards. It raises awareness of their capabilities and how methodologies may vary from product to product.

Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) is a term to describe how marketers use technical methods to track which websites you visit to build a profile of you as a consumer. The end goal is to deliver types of adverts that the marketer believes would interest you. How this works is explained here by the IAB UK.

Importantly, most of the time these marketers don't know your name or where you live etc. But it's this perception of a lack of privacy that meant the industry developed standards to help consumers understand what's happening and take control of what information they wish to share.

Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources (COUNTER) involves the compliant reporting of online library journal figures and electronic resources.

COUNTER provides a Code of Practice that enables publishers and vendors to report usage of their electronic resources in a consistent way. This enables libraries to compare data received from different publishers and vendors.

Area Ad Fraud Processes Ad Fraud Tools Brand Safety (DTSG) Content Verification Tools Viewability Ad Fraud OBA Online Journals
Agenda21 Digital yes yes
Adara Media UK Ltd / Adara Media (Ireland) yes
AdColony yes
ESI Media Ltd yes
AdMaxim Inc yes
Adobe Advertising Cloud (formerly TubeMogul) yes
Adyoulike Ltd yes
AffecTV yes yes yes
Amnet UK yes yes
Auto Trader yes
Bauer Media Group yes
Blis Media Ltd yes
Cadreon yes yes
Conde Nast Publications yes
Conversant yes
Coull yes
Crimtan yes yes
Exponential Interactive yes yes
Fifty Media yes
Financial Times Ltd yes yes
Gameloft UK Ltd yes
Global Media Entertainment Ltd yes yes
GroundTruth yes
GroupM yes yes
Guardian Media Group yes
iotec yes yes yes
LoopMe yes
Mail Metro Media yes
MC&C Media yes
Merkle Periscopix yes
MiQ Digital LTD yes yes yes
Mobsta yes
Nano Interactive yes yes
Navigate Digital yes
News UK & Ireland Limited yes
Oath yes
PERFORM Group yes
Precise TV yes
Publicis Media yes
Pulsepoint yes
Quantcast yes yes
RadiumOne UK Ltd yes yes
Reach Shared Services yes
Rezonence Ltd yes yes
Rubicon Project Ltd yes yes yes
Samba Networks yes
Samsung Electronics UK yes
Scoota yes yes
Sojern yes
Spiritmedia Scotland Ltd yes
SpotX yes
Teads Ltd yes
Telegraph Media Group yes
The7stars yes
The Exchange Lab yes
The Student Room Group Ltd yes
ThirdPresence yes
TI Media yes
Tripadvisor yes
Triplelift yes
UCAS yes
Unruly yes yes
VE Global UK yes yes
Venatus Media yes
Vevo (UK) yes
Vibrant Media yes yes
Xaxis Digital Ltd yes yes
comScore vCE Validation yes yes
DV Digital Impression Quality - Real-Time Ad Blocking yes yes yes
Integral Ad Science yes
Delta Projects yes
AdRoll yes
Ad4mat yes
Ziff Davis yes yes
Sublime yes
Spotify yes
Outbrain yes
Jaa Media yes
InSkin yes yes
Inmediate Media yes
Hearst yes
Haymarket yes
Havas yes yes
Dentsu Aegis Network yes
Amobee yes yes
Expedia yes
Exponential Interactive yes
Eyeota yes
Facebook yes
Ignition One yes
Impression Desk yes
Knorex yes
Skimlinks yes
TimeOne yes
Weborama yes
Yieldr yes
4W Market Place yes
Traffic2 yes
Widespace yes
MOAT yes
Admetrics yes
Adam Matthew Digital yes
Bentham Science yes
Bibliotech Education Ltd. yes
Cambridge University Press yes
Engineering Village yes
IGI Global yes
Ingenta yes
Clarivate Analytics yes
S. Karger AG, yes
Wolters Kluwer España yes
Springer Link yes
MPS Technologies yes
John Hopkins University/Project MUSE yes
NEN yes
Ovid Technologies yes
Primal Pictures yes
Primal Pictures Audited Entity Scholarly iQ yes
Elsevier Sciencedirect yes
Elsevier Scopus yes
Spandidos Publications Ltd yes
American Society for Microbiology yes
OECDiLibrary yes
The Institution of Engineering and Technology – Digital Library - IET DL yes
Numérique Premium yes
Microbiology Society Research yes
American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene yes
John Benjamins e-Platform yes
PierOnlinePierOnline yes
Sabinet yes
Ingenta Connect yes
Accessible Archives (AA) yes
Alexander Street Press (ASP) yes
American Society of Agronomy (ASA) yes
American Society of Animal Sciences (ASAS) yes
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) yes
Computing Reviews (CR) yes
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) yes
Database of Recorded American Music (DRAM) yes
Edition Diffusion Presse Sciences (EDP) yes
Irish Newspapers Archives (INA) yes
Optical Society of America (OSA) yes
Oxford University Press (OUP) yes
Physicians Postgraduate Press (PPP) yes
Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) yes
Wolters Kluwer (KLI) yes
ASTM International yes
IEEE Computer Society yes
Indian Journals yes
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers yes
Institute of Physics (IOP) yes
Nature Publishing Group yes
Royal Society of Chemistry yes
Springer Protocols yes
DMA Institute yes

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