January to June 2020

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Joined ABC: 09 October 2014
Owner: Informa Markets (UK) Ltd
ABC Status: Verified
Standards: Brand Reports and Group Reports
Area: Medicine & Health

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Name Owner Period Date for chart ABC Total for chart Certificate
C+D Informa Markets (UK) Ltd January to June 2020 View
C+D Informa Markets (UK) Ltd July to December 2019 View
C+D UBM EMEA January to June 2019 View
C+D UBM EMEA July to December 2018 View
C+D UBM EMEA January to June 2018 View
C+D UBM EMEA January to December 2017 View
C&D UBM EMEA January to December 2016 View
C&D UBM EMEA January to December 2015 View
C&D UBM Live October to December 2014 View

"Chemist + Druggist has been informing, supporting and championing community pharmacy since 1859 providing breaking news, opinion, education and data to help pharmacy professionals and suppliers keep up to date with what's happening in the industry.
In conjunction with award-winning campaigns C+D has supported the industry for more than 150 years and as such is the media brand that pharmacy professionals know and trust. C+D is at the forefront of digital publishing UK pharmacy with growing and engaged audiences across all platforms."

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