ADYOULIKE is a global leading in-feed native ad platform. Launched in 2011, it is recognised for being a pioneer in native technology and creating advertising experiences for users that mirror the websites they are visiting. Using its own native supply-side platform (SSP) and native technology platform, the company enables brands to scale native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers.

As a JICWEBS approved Verification Provider, ABC supplies the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold. For more information on ABC’s Verification Service please go to:

Dale Lovell, UK Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer at ADYOULIKE said: "Receiving the DTSG Seal exemplifies our commitment to working within the adtech ecosystem in a transparent and communicative manner. Brands can be safe in the knowledge that their spend is going to the right audience without fear of misplacement or fraud. Native advertising is all about creating a true-to-life experience for the viewer and we believe the DTSG Seal enhances further our proposition to publishers and brands in offering honest, in-feed content.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said:“We are delighted to have verified ADYOULIKE to the JICWEBS Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles. ABC’s verification service gives our industry confidence about compliance with JICWEBS industry-agreed standards and raises the bar in the important area of brand safety, a key milestone in the evolution of digital display advertising.”