Here you’ll find a variety of tools to help you along your ABC journey:

For Agencies and Advertisers  For Media owners  For Digital Platforms & Technology  For Suppliers


For Agencies & Advertisers

Agencies & advertisers rely on our data for media planning and trading.  

Knowing that our media data is based on industry agreed standards and is audited, delivers that vital reassurance and trust.

In addition to the use of our data, agencies & advertisers can benefit from our bespoke training sessions and free online learning courses.


For Media Owners

Media owners have been using our logo – the stamp of trust – since 1931 as a way to demonstrate to agencies and advertisers that you can place trust in their data.

Our certification, based on the ABC Standards, helps media owners confidently showcase their brand reach and engagement across a variety of platforms.

As part of the process we provide further support by way of our training courses and complementary marketing support.


For Digital Platforms and Technology

A range of industry organisations have created standards aimed at raising trust and transparency in online advertising.

No matter where you sit in the digital ecosystem, our audit services will help demonstrate to your partners that with you, they can trade with confidence.

Check out our training courses and complementary marketing support for how you can make the most of your experience with us.


For Suppliers

Whether specialising as a media distributor, a measurement provider, or something not invented yet!.. suppliers to our industry can also earn our stamp of trust.

We audit supplier capabilities to ABC’s Standards. This certification underpins the quality of their service and reassures their media owner clients that their ABC data will be compliant. 

Once certified, suppliers can make use of our complementary marketing support.

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