National Newspaper digital edition totals now shown on front page of ABC certificates

National newspapers new certificate daily mail


We’re pleased to announce a design update to the front page of our National Newspaper certificates, enabling media owners to display the total number of digital editions clearly alongside their headline print figure. This change has been implemented to bring further clarity around each media brand’s total reach, as buyers are able to view a title’s print and digital edition figures ‘at a glance’.


National Newspaper brands already have the option of reporting digital editions as either a circulation figure, a PAV (Publication Active View) figure, or both. They can now decide which of these metrics they want to show on the front page of the certificate. The chosen metric is always clearly stated next to the figure, and in every case buyers can rest assured that the numbers are independently audited by ABC to industry agreed standards.


“We’re pleased to be able to enhance the usability of our certificates further with this change, which is the result of multiple discussions with media owner and buyer representatives in our Reporting Standards Group,” said Jan Pitt, Commercial Director at ABC. “The aim is to support our media owner members to demonstrate their reach to advertisers more effectively, whilst helping buyers better understand the different ways titles are being circulated.”


Visitors to our site can view current ABC certificates using the search bar, and ABC members and subscribers can view the sector as a whole and click through to the certificates via our Interactive Report. For further information about digital editions and reporting options for the National Newspapers sector, please visit our Standards website


If you want to find out more about the recent updates, or you have any queries about the Nationals sector, please contact Jan Pitt, Commercial Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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