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Following the release of our latest Consumer figures, we really liked David Pigeon’s article which pointed out that “while the audiences might not always be high, engagement levels certainly are - and that's surely what advertisers are searching for”. Here’s why else we liked it…

Here at ABC we provide clear, comparable data which details what goes into the market and also how. This adds insight into the relationship each title has with its audience. And that’s why, like David, we encourage people to “always read the small print”, because our data is much more than just the headline figure.

Our data shows how and where magazines were distributed, meaning it shows the reality of what actually happened. Whether it’s a free copy being handed out, a multipack, or a subscription to a magazine, this data all has strong implications for reader engagement, and therefore the value of the media space.

The ‘variances’ shown on our certificates lets buyers see which issues had the highest circulation in any given month, year, or even which day of the week is potentially strongest for advertisers.

This granular detail can also reveal the effect of special events on the performance of certain titles, like royal weddings, weather disruption and publisher branded events for example.

For buyers, this detail helps them decide what to ask publishers. And for publishers, this detail enables them to prove to buyers how their copies have reached the market and the strategies they’re using as a wider brand.

Audience engagement is a true sign of quality and we’re the only source of this type of trusted, fact-based granular data, which is vital to trading discussions.  So overall, it’s a great article highlighting that when it comes to the print market, it’s not just about the quantity, it’s the quality that reigns supreme in our world.

Read the article in Mediatel

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