ABC re-appointed by BARB to independently audit their census-level BVOD data



We’re proud to have been re-appointed by BARB to independently audit their census-level BVOD data.

As part of a rigorous tender process, BARB has reviewed all their contractors involved in delivering their ‘gold standard’ that underpins the UK television and advertising industry.

In response to BARBs detailed specification we worked to ensure that our audit process was relevant to their future needs, efficient with resources and all the while maintaining the robust reputation our ‘stamp of trust’ stands for.

Our verification of Kantar’s tagging software will provide certainty on the volumes of viewing to BVOD services; a key element of BARB’s Dovetail Fusion process which integrates both the census and panel viewing data.

As a fellow Joint Industry Currency (JIC) we share the same values as BARB – objective, transparent and accountable - and we understand BARBs desire to move quickly for the industry while retaining the rigour and quality for which it’s famous.

We’ve worked with BARB since 2013 and are excited to be part of this next important phase.

Justin Sampson, CEO of BARB says:

“We’re pleased to re-appoint ABC to provide independent and transparent auditing of our census data. The quality of the service it has provided since 2015, supported by its joint-industry status, has been an important component in BARB’s delivery of a trusted, gold-standard audience measurement service."

Simon Redlich, CEO of ABC says:

We’re delighted to have been asked to continue supporting BARB in the delivery of its planning and trading currency. The team here has worked hard over the years to hone our skills and audit processes and, just as the industry continues to evolve, we too have sought to adapt to meet BARB’s needs.  We look forward to continuing our long-term association.  

For more information please see BARB’s Press Release:

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