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We’re delighted to unveil our brand new certificate design, which has been developed to reflect the recent updates to our Industry Standards.

Watch the certificate walkthrough video here

Our new ‘at a glance’ certificates allow media buyers and planners to access trusted trading data more easily than ever before. Buyers can now see each brand’s top-line figures clearly highlighted on the first page - such as the quantity of actively purchased copies in the Consumer Magazine sector – and explore further breakdowns later in the certificate using colourful graphs and tables.

The first new look certificates will be released in our Newsbrand report on January 18th. The new certificates for Consumer Magazines and Regional publications will be released in the next round of reports for these sectors, on 15th February and 1st March respectively.

The aim of this initiative has been to enhance accessibility to our data and provide media owners with an effective platform they can use to demonstrate their independently verified brand reach.

Both the Standards changes and the certificate redesign are the result of a series of consultations we’ve held with agencies and media owners throughout 2017. The purpose has been to remove any unnecessary complexity in line with the needs of the industry, whilst maintaining the trust that is synonymous with ABC. Use these links to read more about the Standards changes for Consumer Magazines and Regional Publications. 

Simon Redlich, CEO at ABC, explains, “Our media census data informs millions of pounds of advertising spend each year and it’s our role as a JIC to deliver robust, independently verified information via a user-friendly service that meets the needs of both media buyers and owners. We’re delighted with the positive response to the changes made so far and would like to thank the many industry representatives we’ve consulted for their time and feedback which has enabled us to deliver this enhanced service.”

Adam Crow, Head of Publishing at MediaCom, is the chair of the ABC Consumer Magazines Reporting Standards Group (RSG). He said, “ABC has worked closely with the industry to simplify its reporting whilst retaining the robust, gold standard that we associate with the ABC stamp of trust. This is reflected by the new certificates which present each media owner’s verified data in a clear & accessible format. This will no doubt further enhance their role as one of the key industry metrics we continue to rely on”. 

Greg Pipe, Print Ops Manager at All Response Media, affirmed, “ABC data underpins our media trading decisions and the new certificate design now enables us to view the figures and breakdowns we need at a glance. The clear colour coding of the primary categories, and the fact these are now comparable across the different sectors, is a welcome asset, and representation of the data using clear charts and tables make the certificates an easy-to-use guide in our trading negotiations.”

Duncan Tickell, MD Advertising and International at Immediate Media, sits on ABC’s reporting standards group for Consumer Magazines. He said, “ABC listened closely to the industry to refine its reporting standards and better reflect changing distribution methods and their value to advertisers. The new look certificates are a fantastic way for us to demonstrate growing brand reach, and make it easier to present the benefits of all our routes to market; something that's great for advertisers because they know they are looking at figures they can trust.”

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